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Beans / February 11, 2017

The colourful animals in this jungle scene jump off the screen - but can you spot what's lurking in the foliage?

The tricky puzzle challenges players to find ten Fairtrade coffee beans hidden in the greenery.

Look past the leopards and snakes to see how many you can spot.

Scroll down for the reveal

There are ten coffee beans cunningly concealed within the colourful jungle scene

The puzzle was created by Greggs to mark Fairtrade Fortnight.

How many of the beans did you spot? Check below for the reveal...

The coffee beans are both brown and green in the picture which makes them harder to spot as they blend into their surroundings

Other optical illusions have also been sweeping the web.

This latest historical head-scratcher asks viewers to search for the astronomer hidden in this classic illustration.

This latest historical head-scratcher asks viewers to search for the astronomer hidden in this classic illustration

So how did you fare? Did you manage to find the elusive stargazer?

The trick to this puzzle is view the image upside down.

Then you'll spot the man to the left of the image disguised as a red curtain.

The trick to this puzzle is view the image upside down - then it's easier to spot the missing man

Another fiendishly tricky image asks you to find the hidden words.

What at first appears to be a simple picture of the great outdoors actually contains 12 words - all related to water - lurking within the landscape.

The words are dotted all over the picture of the landscape and appear very faintly in a light colour - but you'll have to squint to spot them through the rain.

This picture is just the latest in a long line of mind-bending puzzles to sweep the web

The makers of Highland Spring created the brainteaser to highlight how natural hydration can help us improve our productivity and concentration.

'Staying hydrated can help keep your mind sharp, yet 66 per cent of us don't drink enough water on a daily basis, ' said spokeswoman Karen Crowley.

Have you managed to find all of the words? And has it made you want to grab a glass of water?

Did you manage to spot all 12 of the water-related words hidden in the picture?

Another optical illusion that is sweeping the web might at first strike you as being rather romantic.

The black and white photograph of a man and woman standing by a lake appears to show them deep in thought - perhaps thinking about their lives together or whether a new addition to the family might be on the horizon.

In fact, there is a baby hidden somewhere in the photograph - but can you spot it?

There's more to this picture than first meets the eye - the couple may appear to have stolen away for a moment of privacy, but they're not alone...

If you haven't been able to find the baby yet, then look up and it might make things more obvious.

The tree branches define the outline of the baby, and it is so large that it takes up the majority of the photograph.

The feet are to the right of the couple's heads as they look out towards the water with their arms around each other.

Once you've seen spotted the child in the foetal position then you won't be able to unsee it - and you'll wonder how you missed it before.

The red outline shows a baby in the photograph that you now won't be able to unsee - but did you spot it to begin with?

It seems that every optical illusion that crops up online claims to be trickier than the last.

But apparently only those with 'perfect perception' will be able to spot the sailor's wife in this vintage illustration.

The image, posted to Playbuzz by user Jenny Grisham, features a sailor looking out to sea for his wife

In fact there's a specific trick to this puzzle - if you want to find the woman you need to look at it upside down!