coffee bean scientific name

Beans / February 10, 2022

The name Araecerus fasciculatus (DeGeer 1775) is resurrected for the coffee bean weevil, with the following synonyms: Bruchus cacao Fabricius 1775, Bruchus peregrinus Herbst 1797, Bruchus capsinicola Fabricius 1798, Anthribus coffeae Fabricius 1801, Amblycerus japonicus Thunberg 1815 (probably a synonym), Thomson 1858, Araecerus seminarius Chevrolat 1871, and Tropideres (Rhaphitropis) mateui Cobos 1954. Lectotypes are designated for A. fasciculatus, B. capsinicola, and A. alternans. A diagnosis distinguishes Araecerus from all 650 anthribid genera and a diagnosis for the species is as complete as possible with materials studied. Some additional species of Araecerus are discussed: Bruchus crassicornis Fabricius 1798 is distinguished from A. fasciculatus and a lectotype is designated. Araecerus suturalis Boheman 1839 is diagnosed and shown to be dissimilar from the species recently reported as A. suturalis from South Africa. The identity of Araecerus suturalis of Frieser, not Boheman, is not yet clear. Araecerus sambucinus Boisduval 1835 and Trepideres [sic] fragilis Walker 1859 may be synonyms of A. fasciculatus but pertinent data are insufficient. Brachytarsus niveovariegatus Roelofs 1879 (spelled nigrovariegatus by Bovie (1906)), listed as a synonym of A. fasciculatus by Wolfrurn (1929) is removed to Anthribus Forster 1770 with Anthribus lajievorus Chao 1976 as a new synonym.