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Plantation / June 10, 2017

Oahu coffee platation

About WAIALUA COFFEE - 100% Hawaiian coffee - Estate grown and packed on Oahu.

The North Shore of Oahu with beautiful beaches, world renown roaring surf and
country lifestyle is home to the Waialua Coffee Estate.
Waialua Estate Coffee is grown on former sugarcane lands on the Wahiawa Plateau
at an elevation of 700 ft. above sea level, overlooking Oahu's pristine North Shore beaches.

The region is framed by the steep, dramatic Waianae and Ko'olau mountains in the shadow of
Mt. Ka'ala, the Island's highest point and tempered by the rolling Pacific surf.
The coffee is as lush as its island surroundings.

Although the Kona region on the active volcanic Big Island of Hawaii deservedly merits its 'coffee belt' reputation,
the coffee farming roots started in 1813 when a Spanish physician and interpreter, a confidant of King Kamehameha,
Don Francisco de Paula y Marin planted the first trees on the island of Oahu.

While these first Arabica trees from Brazil were planted on Oahu about 2 centuries ago, only one farm now continues
to produce coffee on the island on the former sugarcane field on the Wahiawa Plateau.
The current Oahu coffee trees - Kona Typica - originate from the Kona district on the Big Island of Hawaii,
but develops their own distinct flavor, due to the different soil conditions and climate.

Waialua 500 Pound Burlap BagNutrient-rich volcanic soil, abundant rainfall and plentiful sunshine make Oahu's North Shore a
perfect location for producing coffee and cacao, ranking among the world's best single origin coffees.

Waialua Estate processes both ripe cherry and sun dried raisin, roasted light and dark to offer two distinct cup characters.
Its natural raisin coffee offers a dried fruit fragrance, with a rich, smooth, full boy and distinct chocolate character.
The light roast enhances the sweetness while the dark roast produces a bolder, fuller bodied coffee.

This is one of the states fastest growing coffee markets.
Its prices are competitive and affordable, while still offering coffee lovers a high end everyday cup of coffee.
Waialua Estate is especially interested in the healthful antioxidant benefits of coffee and cacao and
dedicated to produce Hawaii's finest artisan chocolates and coffees.

The exceptional growing environment, skilled staff and limited production ensure that
Waialua products consistently meet the highest quality gourmet standards.
Equally important, their premium products represent an excellent value based on their exceptional
flavor delivery and premium ingredients, as well as their comprehensive attention to quality control.

Coffee Production, Sustainability and Pesticide Free Agricultural Practices

The coffee orchards are the shining star of Dole Hawaii's diversified agricultural practices.
The Waialua Estate produces 155 acres of Coffee Arabica Typica from trees originating
from well known estates, from the Kona district on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The coffee farm sits above the coastal towns of Haleiwa and Waialua at an elevation
of about 700 ft (300 meters) above sea level.
Located at 21°north latitude the climate is warm and mild with average temperatures
in the mid 80's Fahrenheit (25° Celsius) with an annual rainfall of 20".

Rainfall is supplemented with regular drip irrigation.

Waialua Estate Coffee and Cacao is dedicated to this vision of healthy, nutritious food products and the
continued practice of diversified agriculture on the North Shore of Oahu.

The trees are grown in hedge rows to facilitate mechanical harvesting.
The harvest season begins in September and continues through February.
Processing the two crops works in tandem with harvest seasons spread six months apart
which keeps the full-time crew employed year-round.

Waialua Estate Coffee and Cacao makes use of beneficial insects for its pest management
program permitting the growing of pesticide free crops.

The orchards blossom under the watchful care of their skilled staff and consistently produces