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Beans / April 18, 2018

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Bean is a slang term for the clitoris

"She was flicking her bean all night"

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Orignally made famous by the famous jockey Chris Wilson, a specific type of person can be referred to as "Beans". It is usually an offensive term to describe someone who is short and wears glasses. While the official definiton states that they show up when they aren't wanted, a popular extension of the offence states the fact that this is always true, as they are never wanted anyway.

"Oh no, here comes Beans."
"Not Beans. He's the worst type of person."
"Hey, calm down. That's bullying."
"He deserves it."

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A CRAZY fun loving person.
Likes living every day to the full.
Not always mature but can be when needed.
Always there for you whenever you need a friend.
Guaranteed to make you smile.
You always have fun when they're around.
Will be the best friend you ever have.
Very intellegent and will go far in life.
The funniest person you will ever meet.
Normally addicted to pizza

Am I your bean? Yes you are :)

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Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots is such a cute lil bean!

Buy the mug Pill form of MDMA, also known as ecstasy. Beans are usually sold at $10 or less a pop, and generally much cheaper than pure MDMA because beans are cut or produced with a small percentage of cocaine or heroin to dilute the content. Because beans are produced illegally and on the black market, it's almost impossible to determine the actual percentage of MDMA used in any given pill. "Let's roll on some beans at the rave tonight."

"Man I just took a bean, I'm rollin' hard."

"I popped three beans on Thursday and haven't slept since."

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A smart person with a vast amount of highly specialized information.

Jenna you know so much about that subject. You're such a bean!

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